About Us

 The CSBGA was founded in 1974, and as a professional trade organization, we have worked through the years to encourage School Facilities Directors, Custodial & Maintenance Supervisors, School Business Officials and suppliers to work together respectfully and professionally, developing a proud tradition in the process.  You can depend on the CSBGA to help build and strengthen your future. At the CSBGA, we all work together to help strengthen all our futures. 

What We Do

  • Keeping Abreast of State Regulations
  • Annual Refresher for Asbestos Certification
  • Certified Building Operator
  • Green Cleaning Initiative Round Tables
  • Lead Paint Requirement Workshops 

Education & Training

  • Facility Manager Certification Program
  • Attend seminars and workshops on new technologies in the field
  • Educational excursions to local cutting edge facilities
  • Access to important publications relating to your personal training and development 

Annual Vendor Trade Shows

  • View the latest in facility products and services
  • Develop important vendor relationship
  • Participate in professional development sessions 

Networking for School Facilities

  • Attend regularly scheduled meetings to share information and generate new ideas and develop lasting relatinships with other professional colleagues
  • Partnerships with University of Hartford and Institute for Sustainable Energy 

Innovative Programs

  • Use of LinkedIn and Web-based discussion forum/interactive website to provide membership a means to share and connect through documents, comment sharing and links
  • Collabortion and partnership with other associations and organizations to facilitate sustainability in Safe, Clean, Healthy and GREEN School Facilities
  • F.A.S.T (Facility Assistance & Support Team)
  • Annual Scholarship Fund 


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